When you attend a Solid Foundation Baseball School lesson, you can expect your instructors to be very enthusiastic in praise to help you develop into a better baseball player and person.

We receive questions from our customers regarding many different topics, from our schedule to our instructors to our registration system. Please read through the FAQs below to see if we can answer your question, or contact us for more information:

Q: “I don’t understand the pricing for the small groups. How does it work?” A: The pricing for the small group sessions is directly determined by the number of students that you choose to have in your group. For example, if you choose to have 3 students in your small group then the cost will be under “3 students for 6 one hour lessons” on the website or in the brochure. (Prices vary depending on location due to higher rent in some places)

Q: “What should my student wear/bring to his baseball instruction?” A: Students should wear comfortable baseball attire. None of our indoor locations allow for metal or rubber cleats/spikes. Students can also bring their glove and bat if they have one (there will be a few bats at the facility in case you don’t have a bat).

Q: “I don’t understand the Spring Training Sessions, how do they work?” In the winter/spring we run three consecutive 6-week sessions. You reserve a day of the week and a time during that day where you receive instruction from a qualified SFBS instructor every week at that time for the 6 weeks.

Q: “Do Session #1, 2 and 3 all cover the same things?” A: Each small group or private lesson is specific to that student(s) and covers what the player(s) want to improve on. Each subsequent lesson builds on what the instructor and student(s) have already covered. Since the lessons are private or semi-private (small group), the instructor is able to start each individual at the place best for them and work from there. Since each player has different things that he wants to get better in, each session covers what the player is trying to improve upon. Every player who comes to SFBS for baseball instruction is treated as an individual. We do not believe in “cloning” our students so that everyone looks the same. Each individual has his own specific needs and we try our best to fill that need.

Q: “When is the best time to talk to Mike directly?” A: The best time to reach Mike on the phone through the months of September-May would be from 9am-noon. In the months of June-August the best time would be 6-8pm. You can always contact him via email at mike@solidfoundationbaseball.com. We try to answer emails within 24 hours if possible.

Q: “Who are the instructors?” A: Please see our Coaches page for more personal information about each of our coaches. The instructors have all been trained by SFBS to teach SFBS baseball philosophy. Our instructors are highly trained individuals who have a great desire to learn more about the game of baseball and to impart that to their students.

Q: “Can we pick a certain instructor?” A: You can request and reserve your instruction with a particular instructor as long as he still has openings and he instructs at the location at which you are requesting instruction.

Q: “Can we get instruction for defensive positions?” A: Yes, you can get instruction on all positions at SFBS. If, for example, you have a small group of 3 who are all pitchers, and also want to work on hitting, we can have your group major on pitching/hitting. Or you can just have all your instruction focus on pitching. All of our instructors are trained to teach hitting, fielding and throwing. We also offer pitching and catching instruction at all of our locations. From time to time we also hold catcher’s and pitcher’s clinics which focus on these positions.

Q: “What is the 60/60 summer lesson program?” A: The Solid Foundation 60/60 program is an individual lesson program available to students from June through October. An SFBS instructor will meet the student at an outdoor baseball field for 1 hour of private instruction for the price of $60.

Q: “Where is the registration form?” A: You can download a brochure for any of our locations from our website. The registration form will be on the front page of the brochure.

Q: “Where do you offer instruction?” A: In general, we offer instruction in the following locations: Coon Rapids, Eden Prairie, Eden Valley, Kandiyohi, Monticello, Prior Lake, and St. Cloud, and possibly other locations. In the past we have also had locations in Big Lake, Burnsville, Eden Prairie, Willmar, and Windom.

Q: “None of your locations are near me; will you come to my area?” A: SFBS will come to your area (within a reasonable driving distance) for a day(s) of instruction. For more information about this please call (320) 857-2244 or email mike@solidfoundationbaseball.com.

Q: “How can I register?” A: To register for a Spring Training Session simply call us at (320) 857-2244 to reserve the day/time that you want. Then send in your registration form and payment to: SFBS 51923 298th Street Grove City, MN 56243

Q: “How many people can we have in a small group session?” A: Small group sessions are limited to 3 students for a one hour lesson. The reason that we have this limit is to ensure a good student/teacher ratio.

Q: “Can I bring the registration form/medical release and payment to the first day of the camp/session and give it to the instructor?” A: The registration and payment should be mailed (in advance, if possible) to: Solid Foundation Baseball School 51923 298th St. Grove City, MN 56243

Q: “Can the parents watch the lessons?” A: At all of our locations there is room for the parents to sit and observe the lessons. We welcome parent comments, as long as the information does not interfere with the strategy that the instructor is trying to carry out. The instructor may even ask the parent for information about the child’s baseball playing history. The SFBS instructor is trained to not overload the student with information on any one given night. Sometimes the parent might see their child doing something mechanically flawed and want to work on that movement right away. The instructor, through his evaluation, might have determined that some other area of the child’s mechanics needs to be corrected first.