When you attend a Solid Foundation Baseball School lesson, you can expect your instructors to be very enthusiastic in praise to help you develop into a better baseball player and person.

In fact, our approach has inspired mutual commitment and enjoyment from students, coaches, parents, and our instructors alike. We are pleased to always receive comments like these:

“Mike, my family would like to send out a thank you to you and Perry again for helping them with their baseball and softball skills. Taylor made big strides with her hitting this year during JH softball and surprised herself with a couple homeruns along with 80+ K’s as a pitcher. This last weekend, Jordan and Drew had their first baseball tourney in St. Louis Park and Jordans first at bat was a homerun over the fence and one of his first comments back at the hotel was “dad, we should tell Mike Kingery”…the precious part was that he didn’t know what to do or how to run after it went over, he just smiled and stumbled around the bases. Drew is one of our main pitchers and on Sat he was up 0-2 on their 4th batter and I gave him the signal to throw the circle change Perry showed him and it worked to perfection, shocking himself, me, and our fans who couldn’t believe what just happened for a young kid like Drew. Could you do Drew a favor and share that with Perry? He was pretty proud ’cause he worked hard at it after camp.
Melissa and I hope we can share more of these stories with you because you have been an inspiration for me as a coach and more so as a father and I know you have touched my kids lives and their love for baseball/softball. Thanks again Mike.”

“Mike, just a quick note to tell you how much my son enjoyed his lessons at Triple Play Sports. Scott Halupczok did a great job.”

“Really felt good to get the baseball season going again for the year and I really appreciated the approach taken by you and Perry.”

“I wanted to thank you again for another great instructor in Scott Halupczok. He did a great job with Griffin, and he really looked forward to Scott’s teaching and input every week.”

“They have been doing this the last two years and absolutely LOVE it.”

“I really appreciate you getting the boys in to spend some time with Rocky last night. They certainly enjoyed it, as did I. Rocky handles the boys very well. Thanks again.”

“Luke had a great first lesson on the Pro-Batter. Wow, what a great machine. Thanks for your patience and diligence in training Luke over the years.”

“Carson is having a great time at the Monticello facility and both my wife and I are very glad that we decided to have him attend…!”

“Tim is so excited to go and he thinks you are the GREATEST! I do also! Thanks very much for all your help and have a great weekend! See you Monday.”

“They had a good time last year and benefited greatly. Thanks Mike.”

“Scott is doing great with Steven so it is going well. Thanks.”

“Hello Mike, Just thought I would let you know how much my son has enjoyed working with Coach Terry in Monticello 4:30-5:30 on Thursdays. Great program you have.”

“Thanks again Mike for another great SFBS camp!”

“He really seemed to benefit from last year’s strength and agility training. He went from a second baseman with a great glove, average arm to a shortstop with a strong arm. He went from fast to really fast and he became a slugger at the plate instead of a lead off hitter. Batting in the 2 or 3 spots. Thanks! Those are results that we couldn’t have gotten on our own. We are planning on him being in all three sessions again. And he has been looking forward to it all season.”

“He enjoyed himself last night – and is really looking forward to the rest of his lessons. Thanks so much!”

“Ben is excited to get the baseball season started. Thanks for another year of beneficial sessions for Ben!”

“Taylor has enjoyed your baseball school.”

“Austin is really enjoying the Tuesday night sessions at Triple Play – Any chance to continue those for another 4-6 weeks?”

“Hi Mike, Max loved his lesson!! Thanks!”

“Sam had a great time at your pitching/catching clinic last week! Keep up the good work!”

“The boys/parents are very happy with your program. Thanks.”

“We have been very happy with the small-group clinic, my son went out of his way to tell me he likes working with your staff… I can see us signing up again.”

“Finding out that next week is the last, Nolan asked if we could do it again. Jake remarked on the way home that “it is like cheating” because the clinics are so good… Once again, Jon is great with the kids and a talented instructor.”

“Adam is really having a great time!”

“When Brainerd fielded the team against Burnsville at the 2010 AAA State tourney, Jack was the only starting junior. He played short stop the entire game, turned a double play, scored 3 of Brainerd’s 5 runs. Jack was called in to relieve in the second game against Robbinsdale Armstrong after a rain delay. Jack came in with bases loaded and got the win, 5 to 3 for Brainerd. Jack was also the only junior to pitch for Brainerd in the tournament. He couldn’t have done it without Solid Foundation Baseball.”

“Thanks to you and your instructors at SFBS for their help. Mathias and Mason really had a great season of baseball. SFBS has helped the boys with their baseball skills, as well as how to keep their composure and mental strengths and coachability strong. My standards are ultra high and I was impressed with my boys and SFBS.”

“I would like to thank you for the instruction you have given Ryan over the past 4 or 5 years. He had a great year this year, earning the starting spot in left field and winning a state championship with Eden Prairie High School…. I recommend you and your group whenever I get the opportunity and will continue to do so. Please pass on my thanks to Scott and Rocky also.”

“We just want to thank you and coach Travis for all the patience and encouragement you gave to our son Travis. We are so enjoying watching him smile and succeed. We truly feel the time and money spent with your program was worth its weight in gold. Thank you again for helping him develop the technical skills he needs to succeed.”

“Thanks again for offering and providing quality instruction and helping Ethan excel at one of his passions.”

“The boys are having a great time and are hitting very well. Thanks for all of
your help at the last camp. Max has asked many times when he can come
for more instruction.”

“Thank You for your wonderful instruction and your expertise in coaching. Andrew has truly enjoyed having you work with him and has been given things to work on to make him a better ball player. We will definitely be back for future sessions and have highly recommended Solid Foundation to Andrew’s teammates and friends.”

“Erik wore an SFBS T-shirt the whole week and coach asked him if he knew you. Erik told him he had been working with you at SFBS for a couple of years. The coach said – ‘That would explain your good mechanics!’ “

“Scott did a great job and helped validate some of the things we saw while pointing out additional areas they should work on. His instruction will help make them better players and us dads better coaches. Please pass on our sincere thanks to Scott for a great job.”

“Thanks Mike. I have to say that Nolan and Jake have both said what a great coach Jon is. They look forward to this time every week.”

“Hi Mike, thank you for the great sessions this winter. Ben really enjoys the one on one that was provided.”

“Hi Mike. I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the sessions our boys had with Chad Hess at the St. Cloud location. My son has never looked more confident at the plate. He not only helped the boys, but helped me understand some things too. I’ve been coaching Little League in Luxemburg now for 7 years and I can hardly wait for our season to start. Thank you!!!”

“Austin was so excited after his first lesson.”

“Joe made the travel ‘B’ team this weekend. Thanks in large part to your clinics and lessons. In addition to improving his fundamental batting approach, you also boosted his confidence which affected all aspects of his game.”

“We are almost done with our current session, and, as always, our boys are learning a lot and having fun.”

“I recommend any player needing improvement, or looking for personal, professional instruction to benefit from quality baseball instruction from Mike Kingery. Using many great examples from his own career, a patient approach, and never being afraid to offer compliments, Kingery has carved out a very successful niche that works! … I have seen incredible results for myself, as a college baseball player, and the high school players I coach.”
~ Troy Urdahl, St. Anthony High School Baseball Coach
2006 AA Minnesota State Champions

Scott has been a great teacher and helped Max improve his hitting!!!!”

“Looking forward to working with you and your staff once again, and many thanks for coming to Burnsville.”

“We would like Joe to work with your program again this year at Minnetonka Dome, loved the ratio of kids-to-coach last year and emphasis on fundamentals tailored to each person.”

“Thanks for helping him become such a good hitter over the five years you have been working with him, his highlight last year was hitting a grand slam against Hopkins, all of his 5’6″ body sent the ball about 375 feet.”

“FYI–Aaron was jazzed after last week’s session!”

“Joe had such a great time and learned so much last year that we want to send him again and his younger brother.”

“Travis really enjoyed his sessions with you. Thank you for all the encouragement!”

“Mike, Thanks for the great sessions for Calvin and Cole. Scott and Rocky took a real interest in my boys and I really appreciate their sincerity and knowledge.”

“Mike, It was great working with you and Rocky. Joe enjoyed it and I think he learned some useful things. I’d like to take some more lessons .”

“Thanks for another great year of instruction.”

“Thanks Mike, for continuing to provide such a positive program.”

“We had such a positive experience, the girls want to come again!”

“Thanks for your time, he is excited to get started again. This will be Ben’s 3rd year with Solid Foundation. We believe it is a GREAT program.”

“I just wanted to tell you what a great time Christopher had during your lesson yesterday. He felt it was definitely worth the time spent on the road.”
~ mother from Iowa

“Matt is having a great baseball season. Everybody asks how did he get the skills he demonstrates, and we always tell everyone about you and the wonderful instructors he has had.”

“First off I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you have done with both of my boys. I have lost track of how many times I have been asked about Jordan’s batting. He has had more doubles so far this season and has hit the ball harder and farther than he ever has in the past. He moved from 9 to 3 in the batting order and continues to do better and better and we owe it all to teaching him things that have made a world of difference. Dylan too is doing fantastic this year and we enjoy watching him put to use what you taught him.”

“Kameron LOVED his session at Burnsville…he is making so much progress and we are just really happy he is having so much fun!”

“I just wanted to tell you what a great job Zach Nelson did with our kids the past couple of years. I believe the throwing and strengthening programs that coach Nelson put on were very valuable and were an important component in the baseball success we have recently enjoyed. Our pitchers got better and injuries were fewer and that is a great combination. Keep up the good work.”
Mark Juberian
Head Baseball Coach
Park Rapids Area Panthers

“I wanted to let you know that Rocky was an excellent instructor and I was very happy with his work with my sons this year.”

“Hi Mike, I just wanted to let you know that my son Zachary had a great time during baseball training. Travis did an excellent job and he handled the kids extremely well. I feel Zach is well prepared for his first year in traveling baseball, and at the same time it will also make me a better coach.”

“Mike, thanks for helping Brian further develop his skills. He really enjoyed the clinics.”

“Also thanks again for all those great lessons. I really feel going to these lessons is making me a much better ball player. I also wanted to let you know you are the reason Iwork so hard Mike. Ever since I started these lessons about 5 years ago. After you told me your quote “the little things that don’t take talent make you good, like hustle and paying attention.” I remembered that in every sport I played Baseball, Basketball, Cross country, and football. That taught me to work harder than anyone else. So I want to thank you again – thanks for all the great lessons over the years.”

“Also, I just wanted to say “Thank-you” for the last four years of instruction that you have provided Spencer. We have both totally enjoyed all of his sessions. Spencer has never said a negative thing about any of his sessions with you or your staff. Not to mention that you have molded him to be a great hitter.”

“Hi Mike, just wanted to say thanks for your personal instruction with the
boys, they sincerely have a great time with you and your approach.”

“Thank you so much! The boys are really enjoying the lessons and are learning alot. We are so impressed by the quality of the individual coaching and the good use of time. We’ll want to do it again next spring!”

“Austin is on a 10-14 streak with several doubles. He said what “Kingery says works”. Jake is also hitting really well. Thank you for what you do.”

“Dear Mike, Just wanted to say Thank You for taking the extra time to work with Luke before his try-out. Your extra efforts on Luke’s behalf are greatly appreciated. Luke did qualify for the 14UAAA (14 years old and under) baseball team this year. He has worked his way up from the AA teams.”

“Kelsey really has enjoyed the spring sessions and has learned a lot. Thanks so much! We’ll definitely sign him up again next spring! Thanks again”

“Hey Mike, I don’t know if you knew this or not. Tyler ended up getting a baseball scholarship to Winthrop University (Div 1 Big South Conference, Rock Hill, SC) He’ll also be playing for the St. Cloud River Bats this summer. I want you to know that none of these things would have happened for him, had it not been for the support and guidance he received from Solid Foundation Baseball. My Heartfelt Thanks to you, and your Team, for helping to make my son’s baseball dreams come true! Many blessings to you and yours”

“Jed is an excellent teacher of the mechanics of hitting and he worked so well with the ladies to understand how to apply what they learned to improve their swings. A personal note on my daughter, Jessicca was chosen to play in the Senior Softball All-Star games directly following the State Tournament on June 6th. I believe that it is due, at least in part, to the instruction that she received at SFBS. Jessicca learned some Solid techniques to hitting and applied them to her game.”

“Mike feel free to use any of my statements for your testimonial page, my only concern is that I cannot say enough good things about what you have going on. Stay Solid!!”

“His performance improved and most notably, he did not get arm or shoulder soreness the entire season. When he wasn’t pitching he played shortstop and had a good season in the field. Aaron enjoyed it immensely (as did his dad).”

“Keep up the good work. BJ has been excellent. We’ll plan to look you up again next year.”

“I just wanted to send you a little thank you note for setting my son up with Drew Anderson today. This experience was awesome for my son and also for me and my wife. He was professional as well as friendly and made my son feel very comfortable.”

“The facility that is set up in Big Lake is going to help alot of people with their baseball skills. Thanks so much for bringing this to us!”

“Thank you!!! You and your team are awesome!!!”

“I know you are busy but wanted to jot you a quick note regarding the experience Charlie has had to date at SF. I am sure the entire crew is fantastic but those that he has had for instructors to date (Drew, Chris and Ryan) have been absolutely phenomenal. They know exactly how to work with him and every week gets better and better for Charlie warming up to them and soaking in so much great knowledge and instruction. He can’t wait for Monday evenings to come and when he gets home from instruction he takes it upon himself to write down notes of what he learned and starts his repetition process on those all week long whether it be at the Y, the basement, his bedroom…and even our ice-house!! Pretty cool.”

“As both a parent and a baseball board member, I could not be more impressed.”

“Thanks for being the professional inspiration for Alex. You rock. (I’m trying on my “teenager language”—I’m not sure it’s working…)”

“My daughter Brenna felt very comfortable and she was excited to fill out her goal sheet. Thank you for making them be specific, I know it helps them to reach the level where they want to be.”

“By the way…my boys really like Scott…great teacher!”

“He is so excited and more confident about baseball now! Thank you for your program!!!”

“I would also like to pass along to you how great Jon was at working with Sam, he was patient and really helped him move along and feel confident, something he has had a hard time with since his injury. Thank you so much!!!!!”

“Thanks a bunch my kids have enjoyed your lessons!”

“I wanted to let you know that John did a great job with the boys and we will look into your camps in the future.”

“I continue to recommend SF to any …. parents who ask. We also have your link on our youth baseball website. I believe it’s the best program around.”
~ Coach of High School Baseball Team

“Hi Mike — Thanks so much for your work with Tommy this spring. His hitting has improved tremendously. He is attacking the ball, his swing is quick and strong, and he’s driving the ball like never before. This week, he had two triples for his Becker 13AAA team. His confidence is high and he’s enjoying baseball this season. You have a great way with kids. You really connected with Tommy and Joel — they remembered what you said and practiced what you taught. I appreciated being able to listen in and apply your tips with my younger kids. Thank you again. I hope you and your family have a nice summer.”

“Mike, I have to tell you about the success you have created for my son. TJ was always a strong fielder and pitcher but has been batting last for years. I don’t think he has ever hit the ball out of the infield until this year! He is now batting lead off, and has only 2 stike outs this year. Last game he hit 4 hard shots into the outfield. He had 1 double and 2 triples in that game alone. I am not sure who is happier, him or me. You are my hero! (and TJ’s). We are coming back next year with TJ and our 17, 15 and 9 year olds as well!!! Thank you so much! You have no idea what you have done.”

“I just wanted to say a big thanks for everything that you helped me with. I can tell that this spring at the camp really helped me this season. As the season ended Tuesday I think I batted about .400 with two home runs and a bunch a rbi’s. I really learned how to wait until it was a pitch that I wanted to hit. Much more confidence at the plate this year. …. Like I said before THANKS for everything, it was an honor learning from a great major league baseball player like yourself!!!”
~ High School Junior

“Eric had a nice hitting season–he worked hard on what you taught him and it paid off. He had a lot of fun!”

“My son is no longer involved in baseball, but I would like to take the opportunity to thank you personally for putting together such a good program. Best of luck.”

“I just want to let you know again how much we appreciate the work you do and how positively it is affecting our boys. We are lucky to have such a great resource in our little corner of the world.”

“Mike, I appreciate you working with Andrew and Kent yesterday. You are an excellent teacher, and I think they learned a lot. Thank you very much.”

“Mike, ‘Inspired’ would be a good way to describe Teddy and Danny after last Saturday’s session with Jon and yourself. The boys couldn’t hardly wait for it to stop raining so they could try some of the stuff they learned. Danny actually hit his very first home run over the 180′ fence on Sunday afternoon. He says he wants to keep his weight back like Morneau. Thanks for the encouragement.”

“Keep up the great work and it has been an extreme pleasure working with yourself & your staff. Nate has picked 8 baserunners off base since working with Tom—-what an impact it has had. Both my boys are very confident after completing your program.”

“I want to again thank you and your staff for a Job Well Done! Your school is top notch and we will definitely be back next year.”

“Hi Mike, thanks again for lining us up with Terry….another successful series from your program and $ well spent.”

“The work you did with him has really helped him at the plate, in the two games they have played he has looked very comfortable and confident at the plate, so thank you again, I will continue to recommend your school to players from around the Brainerd area.”

“Mike, Sam and his buddies are having a great time working with Scott along
with improving their skills.”

“Mike, If it is any indication of the apparent success of your baseball program that my usually very tight-lipped 13-year-old didn’t stop talking about your coaching for almost two hours (got to bed late!), then a big THANK YOU is in order. THANK YOU. It is nice to see him excited about doing something that he says that he loves. (He wore his Solid Foundation t-shirt to school today.”

“Thanks for sharing your wisdom and knowledge!!”

“After seeing how you work with the students this evening, I’m glad that we went through all the effort of rescheduling rather than canceling. Your rapport with the students is exceptional! I have no doubt Brian, Alex, & Evan will greatly benefit from working with you.”

“Mike, thank you so much for helping me out so much in the past month with my batting! You’ve helped improve it incredibly with all of my technique. You’ve also helped raise my confidence about the way that I hit, which is a great plus! This season my goal is going to be to be one of the top hitters on my team, and to do that I’ll work on my batting with all of the advice that you’ve given me!
Thank you so much!!! =]”

“He really enjoyed the sessions and thought they were a big help.”

“Thanks for your great work.”

“Thank you for all the work you have done with Will, Mike, you should take pride and credit in what he is accomplishing because he would not be there without you.”
~ Father of SFBS student who made a college team.

“…had a fantastic season. He had great hits and was a strong contributor to his team, thank you! He was also one of the pitchers, which is something he didn’t think he wanted to do, but he did well. I think he also gained confidence through your training. You said he was very teachable and I think that’s because he really wants to learn. You’re good at what you do; good with kids.”

“We were really pleased with last year’s lessons and Drew’s game really progressed. He wants to keep that going.”

“Hi Mike, Thanks for the heads up e-mail on the spring sessions. My boys loved it and it really helped them a lot they’re looking forward to this year.”

“Hi Mike, Just wanted to let you know that Alex loved his first lesson. Thank you for all of your help.”

“Thank you Mike, for your patience while we work out our schedules for baseball camp. I truly appreciate all that have done to help Matt become a better baseball player. He just loves it and talks about you all the time. In fact he included you into a project he did this year at school. It was about the people that have influenced his life. If he gets if back from his teacher, I will make you a copy. It was great.”

” I just wanted to let you know that Rob was great last evening and was especially helpful on pitching. He showed Wade a couple different ways to get movement on his two seam fastball (which worked) and provided very good advice.”

“Mike, I just wanted to let you know how well my sons (Jason-13, and Matt-10) are responding to the coaching they are receiving on Monday nights at Velocity Sports. They are really enjoying the experience, and are making incremental improvements in their skills. I think they especially appreciate the advice and enthusiasm of their batting coach, Mike Burkhardt. He is very attentive to their individual needs, and he is always very positive and encouraging. Thanks!”

“They are really enjoying this experience and they’ve expressed that they’ve by far learned much more than any other program they’ve participated in. Thanks for the great experience, encouragement and patience. It’s a real gift.
He really likes his coach and would like to continue with him if possible. Please let me know if he can continue with him in Eden Valley for both of the next two sessions.”

“Dear Mike, Thank you for the time confirmation of Luke, Matt, and Mitchell. They had their first session last night with an explosive start. They are all looking forward to the next five training sessions and preparing for “try-outs.” Hope all is well.”

“He is really enjoying his coaching sessions and it seems to be making a big difference.”

“You and your other coaches are really great.”

“Hi Mike – First, I wanted to say how impressed I have been with the lessons that he has received this year. His swing looks so different than when we started and it is so exciting to see the look on his face when he cracks a good one at the cage. Thank you so much.”

“We truly enjoy your camp and the boys have learned so much! We are looking forward to April! The boys really look forward to the personal attention they receive with the smaller groups, the encouraging and professional approach in coaching, and the fun they have while learning. Many “Thanks” to you, and your staff, for a quality program that has helped our boys to improve and become more confident each and every year!”

“Please pass along our thanks to Adam. Jake not only had fun, but made great progress. Thanks Mike and Adam.”

Mike, My son Andy wraps up his two years working with your great baseball school next Wednesday night. It has been a super experience for him working with Adam Schieck learning something new each week that was taught in a positive and patient way. He has looked forward to each Wednesday night as a way to improve and make himself a better baseball player. Our thanks to you, Adam and your staff for a great experience. He starts high school baseball practice on March 17 at …. High School for his senior year. Thank you for helping him become a more confident and effective hitter at the plate. We wish you, your company and your family great success in your future endeavors.”
~ Parent of SFBS student

“Tyler and Tony’s instruction has been going very well. Thanks for sending us to Terry!”

“The boys really like Scott. Thanks again for great service and instruction.”

“I also wanted to tell you that my baseball team is going to state. And that I went 8 for 15 with a home run, a triple, and 5 doubles and a single. I guess all those baseball camps I went to are paying off. Thanks for all the help over the years.”

“My son James is still enjoying a banner year with the 9th grade high school team. He is now batting .461 with an OBA of .563 after 13 games. That is an increase of .111 points in his batting average over the past two years in travel ball. What I also like is the patience you and Nate have instilled in him as he has struck out only once the whole year…and is batting clean up!”

“Grant and Derek improve every year as a direct result of your program, and as you know, I tell everyone who will listen about the quality of the instruction.”

“Michael got a great deal out of his instruction this winter, and we will definitely be back for more in the same time frame next year.”

“Mike, obviously I am indebted to you and Solid Foundation for the great work.”

“What a classy mature young man you have working for you in Adam.”

“Mike, Thanks for the camp this summer…. Hopefully we can schedule this again next year.” ~ Community Ed Director

“The work Nate Schlieman did with TJ was great — he has thrown out a lot of people from behind the plate.”

“I feel it is important to tell you that both of my boys spent an hour with Adam Schieck this past Tuesday at Miller Park. Certainly it was valuable but most impressive was the manner in which Adam treated my boys and their parents. He was so very genuinely polite and RESPECTFUL…a characteristic that is (unfortunately) more uncommon than common these days that I wanted to tell you how appreciative we both were. Keep up the great work with your instructors and their instruction!”

“My son just loves it and Adam is a very kind and patient person with him.”

“Hi Mike, last session with Nate went great. Nate is a great instructor. The boys really like him. He has great technique. He doesn’t tell them they are doing things wrong, just points out a better way of wanting things done and the reason why.”

“I think it was a good inspiration for Johnny to spend some time with you and he really enjoyed the time and learned some good pointers as well.”

“Adam was great. Very patient with the boys and excellent with fundamentals.”

“Anthony’s pitching lesson went great, we would like to continue with the lessons.”

“My son had a private lesson last week with Nathan and really enjoyed meeting him and was very impressed with his knowledge and skill and took away many good ideas for improving his game.”

“…made the ALL STAR team for the Upper Tonka Little League. Keep up the good work!”

“Nathan is a fine young man and although our time with him was limited, we felt lucky to have had him as …’s instructor! He’s a great instructor and person! Please pass this on to him, and tell him that … was very pleased with his instruction from Nate and that he helped … have a successful baseball season (even made the all star August Classic!).”

“Kelly and Donavon really enjoyed the time they spent with you last night.”

“Thanks for working with Jonathan, he really enjoys your instruction.”


“I wanted to drop you this note to say what a pleasure it has been over the last few years to have the boys work with you and to get to know you personally. Completely aside from baseball, you are a true gentlemen and the way you work with the kids is wonderful.”

“Just wanted to drop you an email to express my appreciation for fitting Aaron in on Monday. He really enjoyed his time with you and was excited about what he learned from you…As a father, I appreciate your positive approach and the way that you positively affirm your students. We are looking forward to working with your program again next winter.”

“Kelly and Donavon really enjoyed the time they spent with you last night.”

“Hey Mike: Just thought I’d let you know that John became the first 11 year-old in his league to hit one out of the park last Thursday night. He’s having a good season and has adjusted to the much tougher 12 year-old pitching. His main adjustment has been learning to stay back on the slower pitchers and the change-ups. But his swing is very sound.”

“My son’s name is … and he had a wonderful instruction session with Nate in February in Eagan.”

“Mike, I want to tell you the boys on our team that went through your
foundation have been remarkable. I have seen these kids over the years how they hit but it has been astounding the results they get out of your

“I have seen the results with Cameron and I commend you for your

“…I don’t know if you remember me but in school year I barely hit at all, I think I had 3 singles all season. The rest were strike outs or just fielding outs because of a crappy hit. I went to your camp in Windom and over the last couple games I’ve not struck out ONCE!!! I’ve been hitting doubles and hitting the ball very well, so thanks your camp helped out a lot!”

“Oh, and by the way, your student Sam is having a great summer ball season playing with both the 16’s and Legion teams in Buffalo. He is hitting with good power and average for both teams. Sam pitched a 4-inning no hitter against Brooklyn Park on Thursday night. As he stepped on the mound in the bottom of the fifth, the lights went out and the game had to end… So thanks to you and your staff for all you have done to encourage and teach Sam. He’s loving the game.”

“Just plan on Matt as a regular. He has improved so much with your program. He is so much more confident. It is all because of Solid Foundation and your hard work. Thanks for everything you’ve done.”

“You really have that special touch with these kids in your camps. They respect you and know that whatever you’re teaching them is the right thing. You are gentle and kind and can get your point across without being demeaning. That is not an easy thing to do!”

“I personally am very impressed with what you are doing. I understand it is a business, but your enthusiasm and sincerity make it very worthwhile for the young players that seek your assistance. Good work.”

“Thanks for making the last 12 weeks a wonderful experience for my boys and their teammates. Dave was great! My youngest son Nick feels totally energized and confident that he will have a great season at the plate and on the mound.”

“Thanks for all the great work you do for the kids. We are looking forward to another great ball season.”

“He really, really enjoyed it and thought it really helped already.”

“I also wanted to say thanks so much for being there for Anthony, he respects and looks up to you very much. He really listens and takes what you have to say to heart… thanks again for being a part of our lives, you have no idea how much we appreciate it. We will hopefully see you soon.”

“Hello Mike; well baseball season has started at the high school and I shared with you our initial enthusiasm for the improvement in James’ hitting when he made the school team. Let me go one step further in our appreciation for what Nate and you have done with improving James’ hitting by this short summary. Over the last two years of travel ball he has been a solid ‘singles’ hitter with a BA of approx .350 both years. In the batting order he was usually batting 7th or 8th in the lineup……dependable but all singles pretty much. Over the first two games this year he batted 2nd in the lineup the first game and last game they moved him to cleanup! Result he went 1-3 the first game with two rbis and 1 walk. He exploded in the second game of the season against Rosemount which they won 23-2 by going 3-5 …..1 walk and 6 rbis!! The highlight which I attribute solely to Nate and your work with him was a ‘ground rule’ double with the bases loaded. He hit it right in the gap between first and second and it had Nate…written all over it. 8 rbis and a .500 batting average after only two games has convinced me that you have shown him how to use the skills he has and emerge as the #1 hitter on the team !! Please share this with Nate and mark us in for two sessions again next year. Have a great day Mike; we appreciate all you did with him.”

“Thanks Mike! Once again we had a great experience with Solid Foundation this year. We look forward to next year!”

“The kids really got a lot out of the lessons they took at SFBS.”

“My son,… took lessons this winter at your academy from Mike Watters. Needless to say, it was very enjoyable and well worth the price of admission.”

“Nate did go 3-4 last night with a single and two doubles and just
missing a homerun. He feels very comfortable and is starting to get in the
groove. Thanks again for your help.”

“Thanks again for the great sessions. We all enjoyed them very much.”

“We are very pleased…I believe Nate is doing a great job with James.”

“Thanks again for providing access to a really top notch instructor. My son really came away with a lot, but more importantly had a great time doing so!”

“He really enjoyed the first session and has learned a lot. He is looking forward to the next session and try-outs this spring.”

“Both Zach and I are very pleased with him (Tom DeBoer) and he’s helped quite a bit in just the 2 sessions that Zach has been there. Though Wednesdays are a long day for him, Zach looks forward to them each week. Thanks for your help and have a good day.”

“Logan thoroughly enjoyed practice. He wishes that they hadn’t come to an end. Next year I need to sign him up for both sessions. Thanks again for all your hard work with the kids.”

“…by the way he made the school team … Nate and yourself have done an excellent job on helping him.”

“Mike, I just wanted to let you know how much Mitch enjoyed his Solid Foundation experience. You and your staff were awesome. Thank you so much.”

“First I would like to thank you and your fine instructors… With that being said, I would like to enroll Nathan in both 1st and 2nd sessions starting in Jan 08… Again, thank you very much! Nathan went 1st round in the ’07 draft — last year he was a 4th round selection. Let me know what you need to enroll him in next year’s school.”

“Everything went great as usual. The facility there is just great since they remodeled it.”

“And congrats to you and JD on your expert assistance. Andrew made one of the Maple Grove traveling baseball teams. He was pleased. Thanks.”

“Thank you! Allen enjoyed the lessons and is looking forward to putting everything that he learned into play!”

“Nathan is a fantastic instructor and your Solid Foundation Baseball School has been a wonderful and helpful learning experience for my son.”

“Hi Mike, My boys just finished their 1st camp with you. Drew was excellent. We would like to reserve the same time slot for next year with Drew if possible. Let me know. Thanks for everything.”

“I just wanted to thank you for offering such a positive program. Our son isn’t sure where he will be attending school next year. He’s been accepted at St. Johns, St. Thomas, Hamline, Marquette and Creighton. I think your program’s encouragement has given him the confidence to try to continue playing, if he can balance that with his studies. He was at a hitting clinic at … College last night and the coach there recruited him. He was pretty proud and honored, but doesn’t feel the school offers the academic program he is interested in.”

“Thanks for offering a program that works at building character and self-esteem. With the years our son has participated in baseball we realize that not all programs have this as part of their mission and philosophy.”

“Dear Mr. Kingery: These lessons have meant the world to Luke. Luke has decided to go ahead and tryout for high school baseball this year. I sincerely believe that Nathan’s work with him has gotten him to this point.”

“Thank you so much for all the time you’ve taken with him over the years!! He’s excited about the possibility of playing college ball and it’s an experience that wouldn’t have happened without you. We can’t thank you enough.”

“I really want to keep improving for this spring’s season and college and I need your help. So thanks for being there.”

“Just wanted to say thank you again — the DVD was worth the wait.”

“Hi Mike, Wow….Tyler and TJ came away from last night’s lesson feeling great about what they’ve learned already. My husband watched and was impressed with what he saw as well. We’re glad Shar Bjerke sent us your way.”

“Hi Mike, Sorry to bother you again, but I just have to say thanks for a great lesson for Ty. I haven’t been to a lesson with him in a while and I am just always so impressed with all that he learns from you. Thank you for always trying to take him to the next level. He’s eating it up.”

“The boys are sure enjoying the lessons.”

“Mike, my son Adam (13 years old) just completed his six week session with Mike his instructor at the Grand Slam facility in Eagan and I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the instruction and Adam’s progress over this time. I have had Adam work with other instructors in past years and their 55 step process to learning the baseball swing was a little over-bearing and tough for him to memorize and take into the game situation. While we haven’t proven that Adam can take Mike’s instruction into an actual game yet and show the improvement in his swing, he has more confidence and is doing things in the batting cage that I have never seen him do. Your instruction methods are easy for the kids to grasp and the reminders should help Adam continue to improve throughout the summer. Adam will definitely be back next winter for another session! Thank you very much.”

“Thanks Mike, sounds perfect. I’ve got to admit after watching him hit this year, I think the same thing. Wow, he can really belt it!!! Great Job on the instructing!!!”

“Nick felt he came away with some valuable tips that he can work on to improve his skills. Thank you for sharing your expertise with our son.”

“Hi Mike, first, I would like to let you know that Ryan Nett did a great job teaching my kids hitting and pitching during Session 1 in Eden Valley. They enjoyed themselves and learned a lot.”

“Mike, today was the BEST!!!! Thank you!! Mike connected with you like never before, did you know that? Yahoo!! Praise God!”

“Ben is really enjoying having John as his instructor. He can’t wait for baseball season to start.”

“Hello Mike, Just a quick note to let you know that my son and his friend are REALLY loving the baseball instruction they are getting from Ryan at Solid Foundation Baseball School.”

“Thanks for doing such a wonderful job with the boys! They love coming!”

“Andy is learning much and is enjoying the lessons. Thanks.”

“We look forward to working with you again next year. Thank you for a great camp and being so flexible with us.”

“Nathan really enjoyed working with you. He told me after the night with you that his new passion was to play major league baseball, just so he could tell the stories that you tell.”

“Thanks for helping out our team. We really appreciated you taking the time to help us out. We won our first playoff game so we need to win one more to make it to regions.”

“Mike, I wanted you to know St. Anthony won the class 2A state crown. Both Dan and Mark were named all-tournament. For the year, Dan batted .473 and Mark batted .364. Dan was named to the Pioneer Press All-State team and his brother Mark was named as the only sophomore position player honorable mention all-state. What a great year! Thanks for your help. It paid off big time.”

“Thanks again for all your help with Ty. He is really enjoying the lessons and learning a lot. You are a great coach and a really good role model for him! We feel really blessed to have you in Ty’s life. “

“Mike, the reason I’m telling you all this is because after the season, Brady and Cory and I sat down and talked about what helped them the most this year and it seemed to always come back to ‘That’s what Mike told me to do at Solid Foundation Baseball.’ I just wanted you to know what a positive influence you have been to their game and how much I appreciate everything you have done for them over the years. (Oh, and as a Dad, I wanted to brag just a little too) No really, thanks for all you and your staff’s work and we’ll see you again this year!”

“I just wanted you to know that Nathan took personal time from his schedule and drove to St. Paul last night to watch our son play in the August Classic. Clearly, this is above and beyond his normal duties. More importantly, it left our son, William, with an incredible impression. Thanks.”

“We have told several friends about your baseball camp and they wish to send their sons next year with Luke. Thanks for your contribution to the game of baseball. I am encouraged by what you do. Baseball is a great game and it’s filled with many of life’s lessons.”

“So thanks again for all you’ve taught him!! He wouldn’t be doing this well without you and he’s really enjoying it. We appreciate you so much. Hopefully Ty can keep playing in college somewhere. He’ll be in touch for lessons this fall.”

“Joe is done with baseball for this season but he was very impressed with Nathan, and wants to be sure to start up with him before tryouts for next year.”

“Hi Mike, Glad to hear you are getting into the college recruitment process for your students. It’s nice to know there is a trustworthy organization out there for our kids.”

“I am very interested in baseball as you know and want you to know you are my favorite player. You inspire me to work hard. Thanks for being my mentor and teaching me about baseball. See you this winter or spring for private lessons.”

“Thanks so much for all the great help you and your staff have given Sam.”

“i’ve been wanting to get more lessons for a while but i’ve been so busy, i play on Babe Ruth, Legion, and the Express, and i’m helping with little league. The lessons really helped me last year. i practiced everything that you told me to for 150 swings a day, and i went from hitting around .270 for Babe Ruth last year to hitting .853 for school, legion, Babe Ruth and the Express combined. My hands have gotten really fast and i’m hitting balls a long ways.”

“Thanks for providing quality instruction from quality instructors at a reasonable price! Nate is always a pleasure to work with and the kids love him.”

“Thanks so much! The camp was very helpful.”

“Also wanted to let you know that after just one lesson with Nathan, Blake has improved greatly. He hit two in-the-park home runs and has struck out all but two batters that he has faced pitching. I knew he could do it and that Blake was good at baseball, he just needed to know the basics that Nathan taught him. Thank you and thanks to Nathan.”

“Mike, I know that you don’t need me to tell you this, but Nathan Turck is a great guy! I have sent an extra $20 and I’d appreciate it if you would pass it along to Nate. He did a great job with our team’s pitchers yesterday. He went above and beyond – staying an extra 15-20 minutes and just really connecting with the kids and teaching them some good stuff. A couple of us “coaches” learned some things too! Thanks!”

“My son Jason took batting instruction from Mike Watters before the start of this season, and it’s really paid off. My thanks to Solid Foundation.”

“Could you please add us to your mailing list to receive information about your winter training programs in Eden Prairie? My son had a very good experience last year. Thanks.”

“Scott really had lots of fun and learned lots. The small teaching ratio was great! We appreciated the personal contact, the supportive attitude. Wonderful experience!”

“Mike, I just wanted to let you know that I am greatly satisfied with the instruction Lucas has received. Nate was a “poster child” for the philosophy Solid Foundation Baseball School professes. He was patient, funny and simple in his approach to teaching Lucas solid baseball mechanics. You could not have provided us with a better instructor. I see my son with more confidence at the plate, better skills while fielding, and more fun on the mound. I have also learned to be a better coach by watching some of the techniques used by Nate. I will let you know how the season goes back home in Texas! From Lucas and myself… thanks for a great head start!”

“Thank you for taking the time to find a place for Shane – he is enjoying this so much!”

“Just want to thank you for the lessons provided by JD and yourself. I saw so much improvement and Ben’s confidence level increased. He was nervous but excited for tryouts and felt positive about the results.”

“Thank you so much for all you’ve taught Ty!! We know you are the reason he’s even being considered by college coaches. By the way he’s batting .375, with an OBP% of .520. That’s much improved over last season. Plus he’s playing third sometimes, which is new, but that’s ’cause you helped him with the throw.”

“I just thought I’d drop you a note and let you know that the boys were very glad they attended your camp. All three of them have been very positive about what they learned and are more confident in their approach to the game.”

“Thanks again for being willing to help. It’s made a BIG difference in his life!”

“Just a quick note of encouragement for SF and in particular, Nathan. Both Tommy and Tyler have shown great progress this year, in fact Tyler launched his first ever homer two weeks ago. I scrambled over the fence and retrieved the special ball. I have witnessed changes in form that have paid off!”

“With help from you and dedication on Max’s part, Max is back to being a #3/#4 spot hitter. His batting average this year for Cretin was over .600, his mechanics are much improved and consequently he is back to driving the ball. Most importantly, his confidence is back. Now his only problem is that he is getting intentionally walked! I guess that’s a good problem to have!”

“Thanks for the great camp!”

“Thanks again, and please put me on the list for next year.”

“John and Paul finished in Eden Valley this week and it went just great. Ryan did a great job – he is a good teacher of the game of baseball. Can you sign us up for next year at the same time and day?”

“It has been a great winter working with you and your coaches. We look forward to many more.”

“They are having a blast! Thanks for putting on a great clinic.”

“Kyle is really enjoying the times with Nathan – he has learned a lot!”

“Dominic is enjoying his sessions – he cannot wait to go!”

“The kids are enjoying their time with Nathan. They are learning a lot and having fun! Thanks!”

“Thanks for fitting Reed in last night. Jon Benson worked well with Reed’s hitting. It would be great if we could get some more time in with Jon if there are some other openings.”

“My son learned more in the last 6 weeks than he has learned in the last 3 years!”

“Thanks again for the great instruction the other night. Nate loved it.”

“Thanks for your positive attitude and teaching style. I can see an increased level of confidence in Taylor each time you work with him.”

“Everything went great again this year at the Eden Valley camp. Ryan was great with both hitting and pitching. Both the boys and I had fun. We would like the same time and day next year if possible.”

“Thanks for the camp. It is a great thing for kids to get involved in. Chad did a great job with the guys and all 4 guys really liked it. Good work in hiring Chad. He is a very good man.”

“Thanks again for the help you have done with Joel. He is really looking forward to playing this spring/summer.”

“I just wanted to let you know that again, Robby loved every minute of it. He always enjoys your camps so much and we appreciate that you can come so close that we can take advantage of these great camps. Thanks again!”

“J.D. was great!”

“I’m sure Robby and Nick will be back next year!”

“Even though we have only seen you twice, it has been an excellent experience so far for Joel. He got home from school today and wanted to go hit a bucket right away. Your two hours has motivated him even more than before. Thanks!”

“I’m coming back for sure!”

“David and Chuck had so many positive things to share with me after they visited you on Saturday.”

“Thanks for the lessons. The boys are having fun and learning lots!”

“Thanks so much for all your work and support of Chris. He thoroughly enjoys working with you and your staff.”

“Jake is doing well and learning a lot! Thanks to you and JD’s coaching! JD is really doing a fine job and has a real natural ability to lead Jake to the next level.”

“It turned my swing around 100%” “… good 1 on 1 training.”

“You’re probably greatly aware of this, but Nathan is a true, quality person.”

“Could NOT have even happened without all that he learned thru you guys… Thanks again!”

“Peter really enjoyed working with Scott last year.”

“We both believe your training has been great for him and you’re a truly gifted and blessed instructor/coach.”

“He has worked with you the past three years and has enjoyed the training and the instructors.”

“I am thankful that there are people like you willing to share your talents and abilities with others!”